It’s been entirely too long since I’ve written here so, I guess now is as good as any to start again. 

Life always seems to get in the way, and while I am flush with words that want to come out, they don’t always successfully make it to the blog. 

Things have changed for me so much since the last time I updated this. When I was posting on here, I was starting to get comfortable with a sort of domestic life in Seattle. I always had figured I was going to remain in Seattle for what looked like a long time.

But then I had the opportunity to travel more, make changes, had so much love brought in to my life and taken away and then I knew it was time to find a new challenge in my work life. Focusing on work has always brought me a comfort that not many other things can.

I move back to Los Angeles feeling like I could return to Seattle and still call it home. But I do love the sunshine, the events, and want to think of all the positive things LA will give me, but right now, I know I have to say goodbye and I am really bad at saying goodbye.

My heart is bigger than I care to admit and while I am really good at faking a good many things, I can’t fake that taking my last drive on the 520 for a while before taking the freeway South isn’t going to make me weep like a girl who has lost her love at sea.

I will come back and visit. I know I will. I will just continue to rely on myself and make shit happen, all in the name of the next adventure.

It’s time for the next one.