Senior Community Manager at Insomniac Games. Funny. Loud. Seeker of Adventure. Struggling knitter. Avid cross-stitcher. Friendly. Funny. Proprietor of sass. Rockabilly Chick. Ska-Punk-Metal Undercover. Bad ass. Geek. Social Media junkie. To-do list finisher. Indulger of good food. Marathon/Half-Marathon Runner. Bourbon is my true love. Beer lover. Keeper of secrets. Laugher. Travel nut. Design fiend. Troublemaker. Cocktail consumer. Recreation master. Commodore of craftyness. Lover of cute and fuzzy monsters. Charmed by plastic collectibles and toys. Star Wars > Star Trek. Disneyland is indeed one of my happiest places on Earth. Unabashedly bad singer. Savory over sweet. Currently pickling myself in Coke Zero and/or Diet Dr. Pepper. I would buy sleep the finest silk sheets to show it my love. I fancy bears of all types. The sound of my 360 or my One powering on makes me feel content.

I put passion into everything that I do.


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