Dat Clue Tattoo


Sharing tattoo stories can be a very personal thing. Not everyone is interested in sharing their reasons for specific tattoos they have and that’s cool. They don’t have to.

But I’m cool with sharing and I want to share about the larger of the 2 tattoos I got this year.

Do you know the movie Clue?


Well, I REALLY know the movie Clue.

Clue was my favorite movie as a child and despite loving many other films, Clue still holds a very special place in my heart as an adult. I’ve impressed (read: terrified) people with my ability to actually recite the entire film line by line.

I am absolutely that kind of jerk.

All the tattoos I’ve gotten represent something I love and are integral to the package known as Stephanie. So naturally, Clue had to be included in that. But… how?

I mean, I didn’t want to have one of the actors faces tattooed on me. I didn’t want it to be one of the murder weapons.So I spent a few months REALLY thinking about what exactly I wanted to get that referenced the film but wasn’t completely insanely ugly.

I basically narrowed it down this way:

Q: Who are my favorite characters?

A: Miss Scarlet and Mrs. White. I had named my car Scarlet so I figured I should do something cool for Mrs. White

Q: What art style did I want? A Portrait?

A: I decided I wanted a traditional tattoo flash style portrait. Something that could work with my rockabilly sensibilities while still reflect my clearly nerdy movie from a board game aesthetic. If you can even call that an aesthetic.

Then it struck me. Why not reinterpret one of my favorite scenes in the film?



But now what?

I started asking my friends on social media that had great tattoos where they went. I began scouring instagram feeds and comparing. Then I found Shaun Topper at Captured Heart Tattoo. 

His work is amazing, I dug his style, and decided yep. This is my artist!

I emailed him an idea: I want to have a portrait of Mrs. White done. I don’t want it to look like Madeline Kahn though – just reference her hairstyle and look for the film. I want a banner that says Mrs. White. I also want her surrounded by flames.

We discussed the art, I had my appointment scheduled and then I made the trek to Tustin to get tattooed.

I did the entire tattoo in one session. About 4 1/2 solid hours of tattooing. The burning I felt reminded me that the initial adrenaline rush of getting tattooed only lasts about 30 minutes.

The end result was even better than what I could have hoped for.




He asked me if he could make her eyes pop more and I am so glad I said yes. I’m also incredibly happy he included the bird cage because I wasn’t sure he’d be able to do it. The flames, the banner, her slight look of fury… it’s perfect.

I can’t thank Shaun enough for taking a basic idea of what I wanted and turning it into something that’s under the radar cool.

Perhaps in future posts, I shall share the stories of my other tattoos. In the meantime, my tattoo looks even more badass under the fishnets I wear.



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