The Long Ride At Home


Why is it so many of us are so terrible at fitness? Is it that we truly hate it? Or just make excuses?

I exclude those with severe health issues or who have difficulties with physical activity, but for the rest of us who are able to, why is it so hard to find a routine and stick to it?

Maybe it’s that everyone hasn’t asked themselves the right questions. Do you enjoy classes? Are you self-conscious? Do you need more instruction? What and how do I start?

I can only speak from personal experience when it comes to this so here’s my take.

I really do love classes. I love being in a place where there’s a set list of things for me to accomplish and do in order so I can check them off my list of “yes, I have exercised and done this thing.”

I had been attending an awesome nerdy cross-fit gym that I truly loved but the problem is… it’s actually really far from where I live. It wasn’t much of a problem when I worked in that area. When I was working in Glendale, sure, heading to North Hollywood to work out meant I’d have a super short commute home at the end of the night. So feelin’ great & short drive? SCORE!

But now that that has ended, I’ve been forced to find something different. The cross-fit gyms by me are too traditional. (And look, I’ve done normal, non-nerdy cross-fit before and it’s just not as fun for me. Plus, my nerdy cross-fit is so accepting of so many different body types and fitness levels it always made me feel comfortable.)

Which now brings me to this post. I’ve found something I hope can still make me feel like I’m taking a class and going through a set list from a teacher and will make my heart rate soar and hopefully get me even more ready for better times at my half-marathons in the coming years.

Behold! My new toy!


“It’s a bike…?” is what you might be thinking.

It’s not just any bike though, it’s a Peloton.

“A whataton?”

Peloton. It’s a spin bike that allows me to stream live and pre-recorded classes straight to the bike. I can take classes at home, because really, I’m turning into quite the homebody lately as I figure out my next career steps. The internet is amazing at allowing me to be at home, interact with the universe and humanity at large, AND exercise!

The workouts have indeed left me sore and I feel great when I’m done. Sweaty, but great!

So. Much. Sweat. I know, sweat is gross, but that just means it’s W-O-R-K-I-N-G.

Now, a spin bike might not be for everyone. I encourage you to take a spin class before even looking at a spin bike for home. If you like the class style and the feeling after the class and enjoy the workout, then why not have the same experience at home as opposed to a gym?

Or maybe you just wanna see how long I stick with it before I go back to cross-fit or say I hate this bike! (I won’t do that by the way) My ultimate goal is figure out how to include more weight training in my routine and use the peloton as my true cardio maaaatcheeen.

I encourage anyone looking for something a little different or who love live classes but feel really self-conscious they won’t allow themselves to attend, this might be the ticket for you to gain some endurance, confidence, and enjoy an entirely new way to workout at home.




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