Let me tell you about SOMBRA…




I mean just look at her. Actually, I’m sure she could just tell you herself with one look.

She’s a badass. A hero. A badass female hero.

For the first time in all my years of playing games, I FINALLY have a Mexican female hero. One. I have one.

She is even better than I could have hoped for. Here’s an all too important Stephanie list as to why Sombra is the best thing to happen since pan dulce appeared:

  1. She’s not a sniper. I was really hoping she wouldn’t be a sniper because I am terrible at sniping, snipers aren’t fun to play, people who don’t believe in joy play as snipers, etc.
  2. She has just enough attitude to make me adore her yet not mess with her.
  3. She says “ay, pobrecito” when she takes down an enemy and despite that being a thing my grandma would say to me when I was sick, I’m *pretty* sure she doesn’t mean it in the way my grandma did. And that’s a WONDERFUL thing.
  4. Her auto pistols allow me to waste all sorts of ammo because I am an ammo waster and proud of it.
  5. I love how her outfit almost looks as if she’s wearing a mini-skirt/dress which is ABSOLUTELY my aesthetic.
  6. She’s a hacker! I love it! She’s a tech junkie and a lady and a TECH NERD.
  7. I get to have someone who openly says they are Mexican and it’s a proud wonderful thing and it’s not a thing to look down upon. This means more to me than anything.

I am looking forward to seeing all the cool VO lines she’ll have in the game, see the new costumes the development team will make for her, and to see just how further Blizzard can go to create heroes to represent so many individuals out there who felt that no gaming company would make a hero for them.

You proved them wrong and made me blissfully happy in the process.

Now if I can only just get a chance to pick her before someone else in a Quick Play match, I’ll be even happier.


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