Ew. New Year’s Revolutions.


Here we are again. 2012. While I did complete some of my to-dos from this past year, I am going to be more realistic and instead of resolutions, I will have revolutions – you know, to finish up the things I didn’t finish this year and maybe do a few new things different this year.

* Buy another designer purse – I love my fancy Kate Spade purse it I’m ready for more purse choices & options & something more in a shoulder bag

* Take MANY more pictures! Now that I have an SLR, I have no excuses!

* Finally buy that $200 hair dryer

* Make 1 cocktail I haven’t ever made before, every week

* Finally prestige in Modern Warfare 3

* Get my possessions out of storage in Austin. (I want my normal Christmas things in my house this year!)

* Continue on my quest to watch AFI’s Top 100 movies list (This task was much harder than I thought. Especially since I stopped Netflix and don’t do the whole disc mailing thing. But I will do this! Not giving up!)

* Try canning my food and doing WAY more infusions/recipes

* Continue to write and blog – even if it kills me. But hopefully, it won’t

* Work on my own cross-stitch patterns

That list already seems really long but I’m gonna try to stick to it!

All I can say now is, Bring it 2012!


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