Lousy with Christmas Ornaments!


I decided to make ornaments for our tree this year, you know, because working full-time, and life in general wasn’t busy enough. (And don’t forget, 2 product launches for me at PopCap and Ryan dealing with an update to the Xbox dashboard. Next time, I am making holiday flasks instead of ornaments…)

Thing is, it really isn’t hard to make cool, unique ornaments. In fact, the kind of ornament making I did  was easy. Stupid easy. Like I got to sit around and watch Desperate Housewives on Netflix easy.

I made two kinds of ornaments this year: solid colored (acrylic paint) and glittered ornaments.

Why these two kinds? Well, I have become rather enamored with Pinterest (I know, how girly of me!) and I have found two rather interesting tutorials (and so many pictures from other blogs!) showing how blindingly easy it was to make some cool, custom colored ornaments.

Tutorial one: Painted ornaments: I love this tutorial because it showed you could even use flocking powder as an option to further push the ornament creativity envelope: Little Grey Fox

Tutorial two: Glitter ornaments: This tutorial was what inspired me to do some bitchin’ glitter ones: Greenbeans Crafterole

Although I do want to mention, in the Greenbean’s Crafterole tutorial, she mentioned using a specific floor polish for the ornaments that I have no idea if it is even available in Washington (and hell no am I going to Walmart to look for it!) So, I used Mop & Glo floor polish and it worked just as well. (The image is a bit dark because I was too lazy to turn on a light. Yea, go ahead and judge)

Also, I should mention that if you want to do such ornaments, BUY YOUR CLEAR GLASS ORNAMENTS EARLY! Last time I went to Joann’s, they had no more ornaments for sale and Michaels was looking rather supermodel thin when it came to their clear glass ornament selection. I am pretty sure by now, they are all out. BUT, if you buy some for next year, go early, get your coupons and buy, buy, buy!
So how did my ornaments turn out? Take a look at the final product!

Here are the acrylic painted ones. (Yes, grey. BAD. ASS. And so shiny! I plan on making more painted ornaments next year using oranges and blues.)

My vast array of glitter ones! (please note, the bright green colored ornaments are referred to in the house as “Xbox green.”)

My Xbox controller button ornament set:

And finally, what’s Christmas without a Death Star ornament? (I especially love that it is glittery! Like a damn disco Death Star!) – I used a glass paint pen to make the circle and the line that runs the circumference of the ornament.


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