The Death Star. Now in cake plate form!


I have these… ideas, every once in a while. Dangerous, I know but anyway, one day when I was at a ceramic paint-your-own-thingamabob-type place, I had what alcoholics call a “moment of clarity.”

I had wanted to paint a cake stand you see, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do ON the cake stand. (besides eventually put cake on it, of course)

Should it be all one color? Kinda boring. Should I paint a design? But of what? Then the moment happened.

Death mother-effing Star.

The top is round, and is perfect for such a painting project – especially for someone who lacks any real skill with a paint brush.

I used a pumpkin carving template I found on the interwebs for reference (not as a stencil, just to look at. All the work on the plate was all free-hand and done with my human hands. Robot hands aren’t allowed in ceramic shops) and went to town. It took me a total of about 4 hours to completely paint (I put on MANY coats of paint in the hopes of making it as even as possible) the entire piece. Now, please be gentle. I am NOT an artist, this isn’t an exact rendering. It’s a freaking cake stand, so yea, it ain’t perfect!

Here is the cake stand during the painting process – which was a long and rather matte process:

It’s NOT a trap!

Here is the cake stand in its finished glory, all post-fired and pretty damn spectacular:

Let them eat Sith cake!

I am pretty proud of my cake stand… but what cake should I make first? Devil’s food seems appropriate…

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