I have been having many thoughts about women lately. No, not THOSE sorts of thoughts… Thoughts about why I have so many difficulties with women.

Men, you aren’t the only ones that don’t understand women. We don’t get ourselves most of the time either.

Today is International Women’s Day. Reading stories about women’s strugles around the world and knowing that women still don’t make as much money as men in this country bothers me to no end. It reminds me of my youth when I spoke up more about being a feminist, even when I was called a lesbian (It was high school, they didn’t know any better) but now feminism is an even bigger dirty word amongst women who don’t want to be categorized as man-haters, or hell, even women-haters. How did all of that go so wrong? (that’s more of a discussion for a later date though…)

So, in honor of IWD, I am going to strive to not be so judgemental of myself nor of other women. I am going to try and be more supportive of other women I know. I am going to try and make more personal connections with the women I know.

I shall try and be a strong woman, mother, sister, and friend to those around me. Let’s hope I am strong enough to be a real woman.


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