When Patterns Happen…


Since I wasn’t able to attend the Emerald City Comic Con this past weekend (SUPER SAD FACE) I decided to start working on making my own cross-stitch patterns.

I had wanted to make something all sorts of couple-y for Valentine’s Day featuring me and Ryan but I wasn’t totally sure what to do and then wouldn’t ya know it? Valentine’s Day came and went. Then, last week, I got my invite to use Eight-Bit Me and I thought yes, this is what I should use! Perfect!

I took my page: http://eightbit.me/NSSteph – with my nifty 3-D glasses and I took Ryan’s page: http://eightbit.me/TreitandTrue and cross-stitched us along with our names and a cute 8-bit heart.

Ain’t we cute and 8-bitty? I think I did okay for not having a pattern besides an image on my PC. I am not sure if I will place the final piece on canvas or if I will frame it. Decisions, decisions.

The next piece I made was the start of my cross-stitch pop culture sets. For some reason, this phrase popped into my brain so I made it. 

This is a gift for someone but I will for sure save this image for use to create my pattern. Maybe sell it? I don’t know yet. (This was another free hand piece I made last night)

I am now starting to collect phrases from films, games, etc. to make some more patterns in the coming weeks. This is my new hobby. It keeps me off the streets.

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