Nesting a Wreath


I have had… the nesting again. The nesting happens when you want a home. And you want to decorate it. With stuff. Sometimes, it’s stuff you make. Don’t ask me why. It’s a chick thing.

Anyhow, over the weekend, I cut out a lot of tiny circles out of green felt.

Why would I do this? Well, I wanted to use it to make a wreath, because nothing says welcome like a door wreath.

So I made a helluva lot of circles and slowly started attaching them to a foam core wreath, like so.

Until… Ta-Da! I has complete wreath:

That’s about 500+-ish felt circles. All cut out by hand and lovingly poked into foam core using straight pins. That is what I did last weekend. (Oh, the exciting life I lead!) Anyhow, I am thinking of making some other wreaths using some different materials. I like the organic qualities this wreath does have and I plan on keeping it up through March before something else shiny catches my eye and I want to do something else.

If you want to make your own wreath, I suggest going here for the full instructions. I wouldn’t want to attempt to make a better version of the instructions when a perfectly good set already exist.

2 thoughts on “Nesting a Wreath

  1. I love anything felt! This is great, simple and warm. I’ll bet you could do some cool things with different colours.

    The green made my brain go to Christmas, and I’m thinking the same thing on foam cones would make cute trees.

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