Knotches on my Crafting Belt


Notches. With a k. Because that’s how I roll. ;D

This is my feeble attempt at trying to keep track of all the crafts I have been doing since the beginning of the year. It seems I have done a lot in a short time and that is mainly because, well, I am staying home a lot because I am just trying to escape my funk. Via needlwork and I don’t mean heroin…

Anyway. Here are the last few cross-stitch projects I have done in the past few months. Now I am trying to get through my backlog of project/presents for people to give as gifts. I have 3 more of those to go…

* This is the first project I had done in a long time, thanks to a Christmas gift I received from Hugh and Phil. I love this and plan on making one just for them to place above their stellar home bar.

Once I started stiching again, I couldn’t stop. Here is the slew of other pieces I have created since. (Most of these patterns I bought from Etsy btw)





























































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