Twitter love now available in necklace form…



I love Twitter. Like a lot. Like I would buy Twitter the finest cup of coffee and a fresh croissant for breakfast every morning kind of love it.

I saw a tweet from the lovely @hotelqueen showing off her new Twitter handle necklace and I KNEW I HAD TO HAVE IT. So I ordered it and here it is!

Twitter Necklace

It even has my birthstone, Topaz, in it too. (BTW, Ryan lost it when I referred to Topaz as ‘piss yellow’. Not my fault I was born in November with a nonsense piss yellow birthstone…)

Anyway, if anyone is interested in purchasing the necklace, go ahead and check out their shop right here at Blend Creations! (Check out their Twitter feed too as they give out discount codes on there too.)


2 thoughts on “Twitter love now available in necklace form…

  1. I love mine too! Although my birthstone is boring old April (yes, I think diamonds are BOR-ING) so I went with February’s birthstone since I like purple better. Why not?!

    • I debated about going with a different color just to be different but decided I need to TRY and like my birthstone and well, deal with it.

      And it’s cool. You can find diamonds boring because then that means there are more for me! 😉

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