Reposting My Life List Here


Since there is a chance that Tumblr may not be around forevs, I figured I would snatch up my name here on WordPress and add my life list here too.

I have been working on my Life List lately. You know, the list of things I want to do before I die. I hate the term bucket list. It’s stupid and I don’t really care for buckets anyway… why not a bowl list – I mean, they also say life is a bowl of cherries, yea? (But that’s a silly saying too) Or why is it not called a paint can list? I don’t know about you but I don’t EVER plan on kicking any bucket. My death will involve a blaze of glory, me all pissed off, yelling and lots of explosions. That’s a fact.

Anyway, I am starting my list and have decided it should be at least 100 items long. The below list is not at a 100 – yet, but hey! I just started! I am putting my list out here on the internet in order to keep myself honest as well as document stuff as I accomplish it. I may not be able to get an achievement unlocked noise when I do it in real life, but posting it to my blog will have to be good enough.

Here is the beginning of my list:

Make a ridiculous gingerbread house
Do Demolition Derby
Learn how to rally car race
Race on a real race track
Learn to sail
Fly a plane
Pick apples and make cider
Grow a garden and make dinner from it
Wire a lamp
Build a table
Make candles and soap
Spend Christmas: In the snow, on a tropical island, in Europe
Stay in an ice hotel
Pick blackberries and put them into a cobbler hours later
Scuba dive
Run the LA AND Seattle marathon
Spend a week with absolutely NO technology – no computers, TVs, phone, Internet
Create my own cocktail
Learn to snowboard
Sell something on Etsy
Donate an insane amount of money to a charity anonymously
Catch a fish (I am from LA and have never fished)
See the pyramids
Ride a camel
Ride a horse
Go white water rafting
Perform stand-up at least once on stage
Host a tailgate
Set foot on every continent in the world
Sing a song in public without any shame
See an Opera in Paris
See a Broadway show
Put $500 in a highstakes slot machine in Vegas and not care
Get an RV – or Airstream!! – and travel around the country
Sew an outfit
Make and sell my monster shirts
Spend time food blogging
Own a log cabin
Learn to ballroom dance – NOT because of Dancing w/ the Stars! Hate that show!
Take an Alaskan cruise and walk on a glacier
Live completely debt-free
Help build a house with Habitat for Humanity
Spend a year making scarves & hats to donate to a retirement community
Buy a stranger lunch
Do at least 1 special thing for each of the people I know
Get 100% gamerscore possible for at least 3 games
See a show at the Grand Ole Opry

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