My 2011 To-Do List


NOTE: I’ve decided to move more of my stuff over here to WordPress instead of just keeping it on Tumblr. Same content, just new home! 🙂

It is New Years’ Eve. Bah! Already? Or should I say thank god. Hrm…. Either way, it’s the end of the year. This year has been pretty wacky. It has had some great moments but oh man, has it had a lot of crummy moments too. Some of those wackier times I will get into at some point but not today. Today is about putting my twenty-eleven to-do list together!

As you might have noticed, I enjoy lists. I am still adding to my Life List but those are big things. Things that will go/take longer than a year to complete. The following list are the things I plan on accomplishing in the year twenty-eleven:

Become the mayor and duchess of all the Tom Douglas restaurants in Seattle
Stability (less intense change, more focused stability)
Listen to 2,500 new songs this year (this will be tough but I can do it)
Watch all the movies on AFI’s Top 100 movie list
In Tom’s cookbook, Seattle Kitchen, he has a top ten list of things to do in Seattle – I will do all of these things, including the skinny dipping (God help us all)
Try at least one gin cocktail a month (I AM REALLY TRYING TO ENJOY GIN)
The apps I will dedicate my time to this year are: GetGlue, Yelp & Shopkick
Be a Yelp 2011 Elite
Buy a real lady purse and wallet this year (designer, nice purse!)
Blog at least twice a week and post when I complete goals and share
Get an SLR this year and spend time using it
Really get to know Seattle and all her parts and secrets
Buy my stupid $200 hair dryer
Spend more time crafting and making stuff

I hope everyone has a great holiday and if you decide to make your list, publish it too
so the internets will keep you honest! Happy New Year!


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